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Bye Bye Formula-Feeding Hassles, Hello Mixie

August 14, 2012 4:29 pm Published by Comments Off on Bye Bye Formula-Feeding Hassles, Hello Mixie

Introducing the revolutionary baby formula bottle that can be fixed now and mixed later

August 1, 2012 – Vancouver, Wash. – Mixie Baby LLC, the Vancouver, WA-based creators of the groundbreaking new formula-mixing baby bottle that can be prepared in advance and mixed later, announces its debut at retailers across the United States, including Right Start.  Invented by dads, Mixie’s innovative design has transformed the way today’s modern, multi-tasking parents approach formula feeding, on-demand and on-the-go.

“Mixie’s ability to have prepared bottles on-hand makes life a little easier, whether you have a newborn baby at home eating every two hours or you’re out and about with a baby of any age,” says Christie Nye, VP Marketing, Mixie Baby LLC. “Sleep-deprived parents who’ve stumbled around in the middle of the night trying to mix a bottle and parents of hungry, impatient babies now have a viable, easy, on-demand feeding solution.”

Mixie has been inventively designed with convenience and safety in mind. To prep the patent-pending Mixie Baby bottle, scoop powder into the clear formula compartment; tap gently on a hard surface to settle powder, and press the lid on to seal it. The bottle’s formula compartment loads from the bottom of the bottle and water is added from the top.  The airtight design keeps formula powder fresh, dry and contained. When it’s feeding time, simply push the button on the bottom of the bottle to release the powder and shake to blend it. The bottle and all parts are BPA, phthalate, and PVC-free.

On the cutting-edge of technology, Mixie’s free-floating agitator has been designed to help break up formula powder to prevent any clumping (www.mixiebaby.com/mix/). This specially designed agitator ensures that formula is thoroughly mixed. The bottle is also designed with a “wave” pattern at the top, making it impossible for the agitator to block the milk – the agitator floats to the top of the liquid during a feeding. In addition, the special nipple venting system has been designed to reduce colic and fussiness caused by gas. The preparation process is simple, fast and completely hygienic.

The Mixie Baby bottle is offered in two convenient sizes, 4oz. and 8oz. ($18.95 – $21.95). Mixie Baby Nipple packs are available in Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 sizes ($4.99, 2 nipples per pack). For more information, please visit the brand website at www.mixiebaby.com.

About Mixie Baby LLC:

Mixie Baby is a family owned and operated Limited Liability Company with headquarters in Vancouver, Wash., and a sales office in Redondo Beach, Calif. Brothers Jason and Randy Questad, along with Randy’s brother-in-law Kevin Seppala, founded the company. The company’s signature product, a formula-mixing baby bottle, was invented by Jason and brought to life with the help of Kevin and Randy. Mixie Baby bottles provide a convenient solution to the challenge of formula feeding on-demand and on-the-go.  Mixie Baby bottles are available both in stores and online. For more information on Mixie or for a list of retailers, please visit www.mixiebaby.com or call 360-MY-MIXIE (360-696-4943).

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