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Bye Bye Formula–Feeding Hassles, Hello Mixie
Mixie announces its debut at retailers across the United States, including Right Start.

Mixie on Twitter
The Bump (@thebump):
Attn Bumpies who are frustrated with spilling formula on the go. Look for Mixie bottles soon, powder stored

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this the only formula-mixing bottle on the market?
A: There isn’t a formula-mixing bottle quite like Mixie. With its patented formula compartment cleverly housed inside the bottle, Mixie is the same size as the bottles consumers are used to. Mixie’s formula compartment releases formula from the bottom of the bottle, to allow for optimal mixing. There’s no chance of formula powder clumps with our formula compartment lid that works as a free-floating agitator.

Q: Will my babysitter have trouble making it work?
A: With Mixie, mommies and daddies can leave baby with a caregiver knowing the formula has been measured just right and that baby will have a bottle at the first sign of hunger. All the babysitter has to do is push the button on the bottle bottom and shake to blend.

Q: How can I be sure there won’t be clumping?
A: Mixie’s formula compartment lid works as an agitator to help break up any formula clumps with just a few shakes.

Q: Why can’t the formula just be mixed with the water to start with?
A: Formula makers recommend that formula be consumed within an hour of mixing, which can be a challenge for parents on the go. With Mixie, the bottle can be fixed now and mixed later — in the Mixie formula compartment, formula powder stays separated from water until baby’s ready for a bottle.

Q: Can all parts be run through the dishwasher?
A: Every part of the Mixie bottle is dishwasher safe. As with most plastics, we recommend using only the top rack of the dishwasher.

Q: How do we properly care for Mixie nipples?
A: Mixie comes with a 100% silicone nipple that is vented to minimize colic symptoms. Mixie 4 oz bottles come standard with a stage 1 nipple and Mixie 8 oz. bottles come with a stage 2 nipple. We recommend thoroughly washing and sterilizing the nipples in boiling water before the first use, and then again on a monthly basis.

A very special delivery arrived for you…

Buy Mixie online now at . To see a list of places to buy Mixie online and in stores, check out our Buy page.